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Push Verify


This documentation is intended for you if you use endpoints that begin with or only.

Push Verify allows you to enable two-factor authentication in your Android and iOS applications. You can use Push Verify APIs to:

  • Generate backup codes.
  • Register new customers.
  • Send push notifications and verify transactions.

Choose Your SDKs


You need a GitHub account and you must contact your Technical Account Manager to obtain access to the REST SDK repositories. After you obtain access, you can navigate to your selected SDK and download it.

To get started, choose and download an SDK. TeleSign SDKs make it easier to work with TeleSign products, because they handle authentication for you.


If you were using one of TeleSign's older REST SDKs (pre April 2017), see the Access Legacy SDKs page for instructions about how to navigate to these SDKs. TeleSign recommends switching to one of the new SDKs.

In addition to the REST SDK you choose for consuming Push Verify APIs used for web development, you need the SDK appropriate for your application. These SDKs are for application implementations using Android or iOS. For Push Verify to work, you need to implement for the web, and for Android and iOS.

API Documents for Push Verify

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Push Verify