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Standard SDK Docs


This documentation is intended for you if you use the Standard versions of TeleSign products. If you are using TeleSign's free trial, you are using Standard TeleSign products.

You use Standard TeleSign products if you log in to your account at, use
endpoints that begin with, and do not have a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM).

If you log in to your account at, have endpoints that begin with or, and have a TAM, you need the Enterprise SDK Docs page instead.

All TeleSign products include SDKs for ease of use. If you want to implement TeleSign APIs yourself, take a look at your product's API documentation. It is strongly recommended that you use one of the SDKs, because authentication is complicated to set up yourself.

There are REST API SDKs in Node.js, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and C# for the following products:

  • Messaging
  • PhoneID
  • Score
  • Voice

For App Verify, you will need the App Verify SDK for iOS or Android (these SDKs are separate from the SDKs listed above).

App Verify

Standard SDK Docs