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SMS Verify


This documentation is intended for you if you use endpoints that begin with or If you have endpoints that begin with, you need the Messaging page instead.

SMS Verify allows you to send SMS messages for account security and business critical communications. Features include:

  • Send custom messages.
  • Send standard or custom messages containing a random verification code created by TeleSign or generated by you.
  • Send standard or custom messages in a variety of languages.
  • Send standard or custom messages containing a verification code in a variety of languages.
  • Make everything more secure by combining SMS Verify with an additional product like Score, Number Deactivation, or PhoneID Standard.

Choose an SDK


You need a GitHub account and you must contact your Technical Account Manager to obtain access to the SDK repositories. After you obtain access, you can navigate to your selected SDK and download it.

To get started, choose and download an SDK. TeleSign SDKs make it easier to work with TeleSign products, because they handle authentication for you.


If you were using one of TeleSign's older SDKs (pre April 2017), see the Access Legacy SDKs page for instructions about how to navigate to these SDKs. TeleSign recommends switching to one of the new SDKs.

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SMS Verify