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This documentation is intended for you if you use endpoints that begin with If you have endpoints that begin with or, you need the Voice for Enterprise page.

TeleSign's Voice API is a REST API that allows you to easily send voice messages. You can send alerts, reminders, and notifications, or you can send verification messages containing time-based one-time passcodes (TOTP).

Choose an SDK

To get started, choose and download an SDK. TeleSign SDKs make it easier to work with TeleSign products, because they handle authentication for you.

API Documents for Voice

An API document describes available parameters, features, responses, and error codes for a product.

Quick Starts for Voice

A Quick Start document is designed to explain how to use a TeleSign product to complete a general task using a walkthrough of a code sample.

Conceptual Walkthroughs

A Conceptual Walkthrough document is designed to explain technical concepts, or walk you through a workflow or implementation process using diagrams and pseudo-code.