App Verify - Overview

Telesign App Verify allows you to easily integrate frictionless phone number verification on iOS and Android using voice calls.

App Verify uses voice to offer easy, in-app verification without revealing your credentials. There are two ways you can do verification:

  • Missed Call Verification - You can use App Verify to send a call with a prefix followed by five digits. The five digits make up the verification code. The end user receiving the call would manually retrieve the five digits from their call logs, and enter them in your app to complete verification.
  • Frictionless App Verification - If you can access call logs programmatically from your app, you can use App Verify to send a call where the number contains a verification code. This can be retrieved on the device and used for verification. Google restricts access to call logs, so to use this option for an Android app you must request and obtain permission from Google to use the call logs.



If you want to do verification using SMS for iOS devices, see SMS - Tutorial: iOS mobile app verification. Using deep links and Telesign SMS you can set up verification for iOS devices.

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