Get Status API - Get Started

This page explains basic usage of the Get Status API.



This API is specifically for use with TeleSign SMS, SMS Verify, and Voice Verify transactions. You cannot use it with other products.

Common Use Cases

  • Get Transaction Status: If you provided your own OTP code in a message, you can make a request to this API to get the status of that request.
  • Send Completion Data: If you let TeleSign generate your OTP code for you, then you must make a request to this API where you send completion data.

General Requirements

  • Base URL:
  • Protocols: https
  • Authentication: Basic (easiest to implement) or Digest
  • Encoding: Accepts only UTF-8 unicode characters as inputs.
  • Responds With: application/json

Get Transaction Status

Go to Get Transaction Status to learn how to use this API to get transaction status when you have had TeleSign choose your verification codes for you.



If you expect a high volume of transactions, you may want to use the Transaction Callback Web Service instead of this API.


Here is an example of how to get the status of a transaction using this API:


GET /v1/verify/0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic 12345678-9ABC-DEF0-1234-56789ABCDEF0:Uak4fcLTTH/Tv8c/Q6QMwl5t4ck=


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
   "reference_id" : "ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789",
   "sub_resource" : "sms",
   "errors": [],
   "status" : {
      "updated_on" : "2015-04-17T22:26:43.784963Z",
      "code" : 290,
      "description" : "Message in progress"
   "verify" : {
      "code_state" : "UNKNOWN",
      "code_entered" : ""
   "number_deactivation_status" : {
      "error_code" : "0",
      "description" : "Number Deactivation check succeeded",
      "last_deactivated" : "2015-02-02T10:41:55.464231Z"
   "additional_info": {
      "code_entered": null,
      "message_parts_count" : 1

Send Completion Data

If you decided to have TeleSign generate the verification code, then you must send completion data where you send TeleSign the code that the end user provided. You can read more about this on the Get Status with Completion Data page.

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