Get Status API - Get Status with Completion Data

This page explains how-to send a request to the Get Status API where you include completion data. If you have TeleSign generate your OTP codes, you must send completion data with your transaction status requests.

Sending the transaction looks about the same as what is described on the Get Transaction Status page. The main difference is you will append the verification code provided by the end user in your request like this:{reference_id}?verify_code=12345

What is Completion Data?

Completion data consists of the reference ID for an end user's transaction, as well as the verification code the end user entered, exactly as the end user entered it. If TeleSign generates a verification code (one time password (OTP)) for your end user, then you provide this information using a Get Status request so TeleSign can check if the transaction was a valid completion or not. A valid completion occurs when the end user correctly enters the OTP on your website or mobile application (depending on how you have things set up, and what service is in use). Using the information you provide about an end user transaction, TeleSign sends a response informing you as to the status of the transaction.

While you do not have to send completion data if you generate your own OTPs for end users, providing it to TeleSign helps TeleSign determine if there are issues with delivery, operators, and routes, which leads to a higher quality experience for you and your end users.

Use Get Status to Share Completion Data

If you have TeleSign generating OTPs for your end users, you are automatically sharing completion data with TeleSign when you perform a Get Status request to check the validity of the verify_code value entered by the end user. (The Get Status request is required in this scenario.)

If you generate your own OTPs, it is not required that you send completion data to TeleSign, but it is recommended, as doing so provides you with more details about how transactions were completed, and allows TeleSign to better monitor the quality and security of the services provided to you.

It is recommended that you perform a Get Status request with the end user's completion data in real time, as soon as the end user enters the verification code. This way, TeleSign's quality tools can more efficiently monitor the service quality for your particular traffic more efficiently.

You send completion data using the Get Status web service by sending the reference ID for the end user's transaction and the code the end user entered to TeleSign with a URI that takes this form:[reference_id]?verify_code=12345

TeleSign compares the code entered by your end user with the verification code originally sent to your end user. Depending upon whether the codes match, a status of VALID, INVALID, or UNKNOWN will be returned.

Get Status Completion Data Example

If you generate your own OTPs, here is an example of how you would send TeleSign completion data using Voice Verify:

Example of a Completion Data Request Using Voice Verify


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