Phone Numbers API - Cancel a Lease



This product is deprecated.

If you no longer need a phone number you have leased through Telesign, use this method to cancel your lease.

Reference Page

DELETE /v1/phone_numbers/leases/{lease_id}


DELETE /v1/phone_numbers/leases/3914 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Authorization: Basic pPF9MAXw9ssP0rkk8sbWf18Fny5Vgqi4F1owcHADr8LXk8PMWIvWqeg419NNXmBtMkaTJi3U5IOhOrNOY1ZXdBv3pLZxn08Rah8mMTGv623wYqmmNRcI5adDVnYbm1ejt2E4JCiMmOFahwcNcy844cpz8dTEWMVo1XthlYf=


  "data": [
      "phone_number": "12133202170",
      "recurring_price": 0.8,
      "number_type": "local",
      "setup_price": 0.8,
      "price_currency": "USD",
      "country_iso2": "US",
      "lease": {
        "lease_id": 3914,
        "created_on_utc": "2019-10-21T17:37:01.260000Z",
        "expires_on_utc": null
      "capabilities": {
        "sms": true,
        "voice": true
      "recurrence_period": 1

Billing and Pricing

After successfully cancelling a lease using this method, you will still be billed for it to the end of your current billing period, but then not for any future periods.