Phone Numbers API - Create a Lease



This product is deprecated.

After you find a phone number that you want to use (as a caller ID, sender ID, or to work with inbound SMS), use this method to create a lease for it through TeleSign.

If you lease an SMS-capable number, support for SMS Verify, SMS, and Inbound SMS is added. If you lease a voice-capable number, support for Voice Verify and Voice is added.



If you have not yet selected a phone number to lease, use the Search for a Phone Number method to find one before using the Create a Lease method.

Reference Page

POST /v1/phone_numbers/leases



POST /v1/phone_numbers/leases HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Authorization: Basic pPF9MAXw9ssP0rkk8sbWf18Fny5Vgqi4F1owcHADr8LXk8PMWIvWqeg419NNXmBtMkaTJi3U5IOhOrNOY1ZXdBv3pLZxn08Rah8mMTGv623wYqmmNRcI5adDVnYbm1ejt2E4JCiMmOFahwcNcy844cpz8dTEWMVo1XthlYf=


  "data": [
      "phone_number": "12133202170",
      "recurring_price": 0.8,
      "number_type": "local",
      "setup_price": 0.8,
      "price_currency": "USD",
      "country_iso2": "US",
      "lease": {
        "lease_id": 3914,
        "created_on_utc": "2019-10-21T17:37:01.260000Z",
        "expires_on_utc": null
      "capabilities": {
        "sms": true,
        "voice": true
      "recurrence_period": 1


Restrictions by Country

A phone number is subject to different regulatory compliance rules depending on the associated country. Within each country, rules may also differ by number type. These rules may require address and identity validation or impose specific service limitations. Be sure to observe all regulatory compliance rules when obtaining phone numbers through TeleSign.

TeleSign can assist you in completing any required validation documents and pass them on your behalf to the appropriate regulatory body. Contact our Customer Support Team if you need additional help obtaining numbers for countries with regulatory restrictions.

Billing and Pricing

As a post-paid customer, an invoice item is generated for the current month that includes the recurring fee and recurrence period for each phone number you lease using this method. No end is placed on the generated lease.

Phone number pricing information can be found at Pricing for TeleSign Phone Numbers.