SMS Verify API - Try It

Use the API Explorer widget on this page to try out sending a request using the SMS Verify API without having to write any code. You'll get a real response from the live API and a code snippet for the request that you can copy.

Before you begin, make sure TeleSign has granted you access to this specific API and given you access credentials (Customer ID and API key). If you need help with either of those items, contact our Customer Support Team.



For full parameter details see the reference page, POST /v1/verify/sms.

Send a Verification SMS Using the API Explorer

  1. Click Auth in the API Explorer widget.
  2. In the Username field, enter your Customer ID.
  3. In the Password field, enter your API key.
  4. Click Body.
  5. In the phone_number field, enter your phone number.
  6. In the verify_code field, enter the verification code you want to send or use the default value.
  7. In the template field, you can change the message text. The $$CODE$$ variable needs to remain there to insert the value you chose for verify_code.
  8. To create code for your request, click Code Generation.
  9. Select the coding language you want your snippet in from the Language menu.
  10. Select the library in that coding language you want your snippet in from the Library menu.
  11. Click Send. A new panel for the response appears at the bottom of the API Explorer. The Body tab of this new panel contains the JSON payload of the response.



Using your account credentials in the API Explorer to make a request results in your account being charged for the transaction.

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