Voice API - Tutorial: Record and Retrieve a Call

import base64
import enum
import json
import requests
import time
from functools import partial

class RecordMethod(enum.Enum):
    START = "record_start"
    STOP = "record_stop"
    PAUSE = "record_pause"
    RESUME = "record_resume"

class DialAction(object):
    def __init__(self, to, caller_id):
        self.method = 'dial'
        self.parameters = {
            'to': to,
            'caller_id_number': caller_id,

class HangupAction(object):
    def __init__(self, reference_id):
        self.method = 'hangup'
        self.parameters = {
            'reference_id': reference_id,

class RecordAction(object):
    def __init__(self, reference_id, method: RecordMethod):
        self.method = method.value
        self.parameters = {
            'reference_id': reference_id,

telesign_base_url = 'https://rest-ww.telesign.com'

# Configure this to be the virtual number received from Telesign.
virtual_number = '15559876543'

# REST credentials provided by Telesign Customer Service.
customer_id = 'Your Customer ID'
secret_key = 'Your API key'

def telesign_headers():
    auth_token = base64.b64encode(bytes(':'.join([customer_id, secret_key]), 'utf-8')).decode('utf-8')
    return {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'Authorization': 'Basic {}'.format(auth_token),

def send_action(action):
    body = {
        'jsonrpc': '2.0',
        'method': action.method,
        'params': action.parameters,
    rpc_endpoint = telesign_base_url + '/v2/voice'
    print("POST {} {} {}".format(rpc_endpoint, telesign_headers(), body))
    return requests.post(

def call_object(reference_id):
    return requests.get(
        telesign_base_url + '/call/{}'.format(reference_id),

def poll(fn, checker, max_timeout=60):
    start_time = time.time()
    result = fn()
    while time.time() < start_time + max_timeout:
        if checker(result):
            return result
        result = fn()
    raise RuntimeError('Polling Timed out after {} second(s)'.format(max_timeout))

def call_event(reference_id, event_name):
    call = requests.get(telesign_base_url + '/call/{}'.format(reference_id), headers=telesign_headers()).json()
    for event in call['events']:
        if event['event'] == event_name:
            return event
        return None

def call_recording(reference_id):
    call_recordings = requests.get(telesign_base_url + '/call_recording/{}'.format(reference_id), headers=telesign_headers()).json()
    for recording in call_recordings:
        if recording['status'] == 'available':
            # There can be multiple call_recordings, we're just going to poll for the first available recording
            return recording
        return None

def poll_call_for_event(reference_id, event_name):
    return poll(partial(call_event, reference_id, event_name), lambda event: event, max_timeout=60)

def poll_call_recording(reference_id):
    return poll(partial(call_recording, reference_id), lambda recording: recording, max_timeout=60)

def outbound_record_flow():
    target_number = '15551234567'
    dial_response = send_action(DialAction(caller_id=virtual_number, to=target_number))
    dial_response_data = dial_response.json()
    reference_id = dial_response_data['reference_id']

    # dialing has connected to the target end user
    dial_completed_event = poll_call_for_event(reference_id, 'dial_completed')

    # Start recording for 2 seconds
    record_start_response = send_action(RecordAction(reference_id, RecordMethod.START))

    # Pause recording for 2 seconds
    record_pause_response = send_action(RecordAction(reference_id, RecordMethod.PAUSE))

    # Resume recording for 2 seconds
    record_resume_response = send_action(RecordAction(reference_id, RecordMethod.RESUME))

    # Stop recording for 2 seconds
    record_stop_response = send_action(RecordAction(reference_id, RecordMethod.STOP))

    # Hangup call
    hangup_response = send_action(HangupAction(reference_id))
    call_completed_event = poll_call_for_event(reference_id, 'call_completed')

    # Query for call recording
    call_recording = poll_call_recording(reference_id)

    # Delete call recording
    requests.delete(telesign_base_url + '/call_recording/{}'.format(reference_id), headers=telesign_headers())

This tutorial describes how to use the Voice API along with the Customer Action API and Call Recording API in order to make, record, and retrieve a call.

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