TeleSign's Score API is like a credit check for phone numbers. Submit a phone number to the Score API and the phone number is evaluated and a score is returned telling you how likely the number is involved in fraud or not.

Using a global fraud consortium, Score leverages two global databases to help detect and identify known fraud faster. TeleBureau™, TeleSign’s database of customer-contributed phone number reputation information & BICS Global Telco Fraud Data, a crowdsourced telco incidents database of suspicious network activity.

Score also evaluates phone number data attributes including phone type, telecom carrier, account and device ID and IP address to identify potential fraud risk.

In addition to looking at the number, TeleSign includes evaluation of anomalous traffic behavior patterns and usage velocity, as these may raise red flags. For example, if passcode requests are received in five different languages from the same number in the same week or a range of numbers are seen repeatedly on one or more Web services, it may be a sign that a phone is being shared, and the risk score will increase accordingly.

Score’s machine learning model can also evaluate unique customer-provided data inputs such as user IP address, email address, account ID, and device ID with each API request to further increase the effectiveness of risk assessments, specific to the customer’s environment.

Taken together, Score can help you prevent attacks such as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and other types of scams. If you choose to use Score's custom features, you can tailor it to look for scams that specifically affect your business and traffic.

Try Score

  • Request a Reputation Score - Use the API Explorer to send a request for a phone number score and check out the results.
  • POST v1/score - Check out the API reference documentation to see what you can send in a Score request.

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