TeleSign's SMS API allows you to provide timely, personalized messages through SMS, directly from websites or mobile applications.

The SMS API is flexible and easy to use, however, if you know you want to send OTP messages, TeleSign recommends our Enterprise SMS Verify API, which is specifically designed for that use case.

Some popular use cases for the SMS API include:

  • Send an SMS alert, reminder, or notification -
    • Send an SMS - You can send an SMS using the SMS API. This page will let you set up a request in the API Explorer and get a code snippet for sending one with basic authentication.
    • Tutorial: Send an SMS - You can use an SDK to send an SMS with the SMS API and this tutorial.
  • Send an OTP message -
  • Add Inbound SMS -
    • Inbound SMS - You can add inbound SMS so you can receive messages.

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