Breached Data identity attribute added to Phone ID

Who is affected: Full-service customers
Products affected: Phone ID
- Breached Data identity attribute added to Phone ID: The Telesign Breached Data identity attribute flags phone numbers that have been involved in a recent data breach, helping prevent synthetic identity fraud and account takeovers by fraudsters using stolen passwords and credentials. See our solution brief. You can determine the date of the latest data breach, as well as any other personal identifiable information (PII) that was compromised in that data breach. This allows you to identify the accounts of the users whose PII was recently compromised. Accounts that belong to users impacted by recent data breaches are at additional risk of being targeted by fraudsters, as the users' data might be accessible on the dark web.
- Global coverage: Telesign Breached Data provides global coverage through a single API integration with very low latency. Check phone numbers against a dark web database of more than 166 billion breached data records across email, passwords, IP addresses, usernames, and geographies to confirm breach status.
- Continuous protection: Breached Data is updated daily so you can be informed of recently breached data, typically weeks or even months before anyone else.
- Coordinated coverage: Breached Data works with other Phone ID identity attributes through the same API.