Email added as a channel to omnichannel Messaging

Who is affected: Full-service customers
Products affected: Messaging
- New channel added to omnichannel Messaging: Email joins SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, RCS and Viber as a Messaging channel that helps you create rich and reliable communications flows with your end users. Use the channels that your end users are most comfortable with and use daily.
- Email expands your communication options to your existing end-users: Using Messaging to send emails allows you to send individualized automated messages that deliver timely information to your end-users in direct response to specific transactions, actions, or events. These transactional communications allow you to build exceptional customer experiences that foster customer loyalty, driving repeat business and heightened customer retention rates.
- Email expands your channel fallback options: In addition to SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, RCS, and Viber, email increases your automated fallback options from one channel to another. For example, if SMS fails or times out because your end user's mobile device isn't working, your message can still be sent automatically using email if email is enabled as a Messaging fallback option.
- Email allows you to promote your brand: Your emails can include your corporate or brand logo plus links to images and videos to help drive end-user engagement. Links for your logo, images, and videos must be on publicly hosted URLs.