Email ID for Contact and Contact Match added to Phone ID

Who is affected: Full-service Phone ID customers
Products affected: Phone ID - Contact and Contact Match
- Email ID added to Contact:  When available, Email ID returns the first name, last name, address, city, state/province, country, and zip code that are associated with a submitted email address and phone number when using the Contact Identity attribute. This feature enhances any industry specific use case where a digital identifier is involved. See Phone ID - Identity attributes: Contact for more information.
- Email ID added to Contact Match: Email ID provides additional match scoring of the submitted information based on the email address, on top of the phone number. See Phone ID - Identity attributes: Contact Match for more information.
- Requirements: Email ID supports one email address, specifically, it will return data based on the email address that was submitted upon sign-in or sign-up. Because Email ID is part of Phone ID, it will only return a response if there is a valid phone number in the request. Contact our Customer Support Team regarding any applicable consent and opt-in requirements that may apply.
- Availability: Email ID is currently available to Full-service customers with end-users in the United States. Please contact our Customer Support Team to obtain the latest information on supported markets and to enable Email ID for your account.