Enhancements to Intelligence boost model accuracy and reliability to combat IRSF

Who is affected: Customers using Intelligence
Products affected: Intelligence
- Intelligence 2.0 customers now have an option for enhanced detection of IRSF: The new enhanced International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) detection in Intelligence delivers improved customer fraud protection. Internal analysis showed a double-digit increase in block share under IRSF attack conditions and with even higher block share increases possible for specific country origins.
- No integration changes or preparation needed: Making use of this enhancement requires no special integration work - simply inform your customer contact of your interest in using this feature. If you are a self-service customer, contact our Customer Support Team to assist you with getting these enhancements.
- Possible increase in latency: While Telesign strives to minimize any impact on performance, customers should expect to experience an modest increase in latency when using this enhancement. However, the improved IRSF fraud detection accuracy outweighs the minor latency increase.