New Verify API and product naming migration

Who is affected: All customers using Telesign verification products
Products affected: SMS Verify, Voice Verify, Silent Verify, App Verify (deprecated), Smart Verify (deprecated)
- Naming migration: The products we formerly referred to as the "Telesign Verify API" have now been renamed; each one is now a separate API of its own. No changes have been made to the API contracts or integration requirements, but our documentation has been changed to reflect this new naming convention.
The names that have been changed are:
- SMS VerifySMS Verify API
- Voice VerifyVoice Verify API
- Silent VerifySilent Verify API
- Smart Verify (deprecated) → Smart Verify API (deprecated)
- App Verify (deprecated) → App Verify API (deprecated)
- Verify APIVerification products
We made this change to free up the name "Verify API" to be used for a new product, as described below.
- new Verify API released: The new Telesign Verify API released today allows you to perform phone-based, multi-factor authentication (MFA) using multiple channels and methods. By setting multiple channels in your verification policy, you can even cascade from your primary channel to another one when the primary authentication method isn't available.
Authentication methods available for this new service include:
- SMS one-time passcode (OTP)
- WhatsApp OTP
- Viber OTP
- email OTP
- Silent Verify (Contact our sales team for availability in your region.)
- Push Verify (Contact our sales team for availability in your region.)
Our legacy verification APIs are still fully supported.
Here are the key benefits to you of using this new product for verification:
- One-stop shop for verification: As Telesign continues to add new verification methods, you can save on developer time to integrate with them, since you'll continue using this single API.
- Create cost savings and predictability: As your budget and messaging costs change, you can easily adjust the mix of verification channels you use to what's right for your business without changing the API endpoint you are making requests to.
- Improve your customers' experience: Over-the-top (OTT) channels offer additional brand protection and security not offered by traditional OTP channels like SMS or voice. Using channels like WhatsApp, RCS, and Viber allows you to send to a customer's preferred communication channel and deliver rich media experiences not available with SMS or voice.