Pricing and template changes for WhatsApp messaging

Who is affected: Customers using Messaging with WhatsApp templates
Products affected: Messaging
Updated WhatsApp template categories: WhatsApp has replaced its conversation categories. Conversations initiated by you are now divided into three new categories: "utility", "authentication", and "marketing". WhatsApp added a new category, "service", for all conversations initiated by the end user.
New authentication category: If you are sending one-time passcodes (OTPs) over WhatsApp, you should now use the new “authentication” category for your custom templates instead of the old “authorization” category, which is no longer supported. Authentication now includes a button to copy the one-time passcode (OTP), making it more convenient for your end users to securely authenticate.
Updated conversation-based pricing: Pricing has also changed, contact customer support for details. Pricing varies with the destination of the device and the conversation type. Note that Telesign uses conversation-based pricing for WhatsApp messaging, not pricing per individual message. Conversations are 24-hour message threads between you and your customers.
Changes to the Free Conversation tier: WhatsApp has changed the 1000 free conversations per month — this will apply only to conversations initiated by the end user and will no longer include any conversations by you.
Fixes: None.
New features: None.
Additional info: None.
How this may affect you:
‐ Updated conversation-based pricing reflecting the new categories is effective June 1 and you will be charged the applicable WhatsApp pass-through fee. Contact our Customer Support Team for more information about pricing and for assistance adapting existing templates.
‐ You must use the new categories "utility", "authentication", or "marketing" when using templates.
‐ If you use WhatsApp messaging for sending one-time passcodes (OTPs), you must update your authentication templates to include copy code buttons for OTPs.
‐ Your authentication templates must follow certain content requirements set by WhatsApp (no media, emojis, links, or parameters over 15 characters) or your templates will be blocked by WhatsApp.