Product learning and usage tools for Intelligence added to self-service portal

Who is affected: Self-service customers (including trial accounts)
Products affected: Self-service portal, Intelligence
- New use case and solution tools: A new Solutions page provides you with solutions that address onboarding, account integrity, and engagement use cases that you can learn about and test.
- New product learning tools: We've added an explanation of product usage to the Intelligence product page and Q&As to provide answers to common questions about Intelligence.
- Learn more about Intelligence: You can learn more about Intelligence and common use cases for it. Articles devoted to fake account prevention and promotion abuse provide you with information on how to use Intelligence to effectively combat these two issues. You'll also find links to developer documentation for Intelligence.
- Immediately test Intelligence without code: You can use the step-by-step instructions to try Intelligence without using code. If you are a trial or self-service customer, this method is a great way to quickly learn about Telesign's Intelligence product.