SMS Verify enabled for self-service accounts

Who is affected: Self-service customers
Products affected: Self-service Portal, SMS Verify
Changes: Telesign is pleased to announced that all self-service accounts can now use SMS Verify. You can use this service to send one-time passcodes (OTPs) to your customers as part of your customer onboarding and verification workflows. The SMS Verify product is available and easily accessible within the Self-service Portal. The SMS Verify product page also allows you to easily access the SMS Verify transaction logs in the Self-service Portal. The logs are searchable and include transactions from the past seven days. Select SMS Verify transaction logs in the Self-service Portal to view your recent SMS Verify transactions by country, phone number, Reference ID, and Status Code.
Fixes: None
New features: SMS Verify is now available in the Self-service portal.
Additional info: None
How this may affect you: You'll find that SMS Verify is a simpler and more efficient way to send OTPs than using Telesign SMS to send OTPs. All you need to do is make a request to Telesign with the end user's phone number, and Telesign can take care of generating a time-based OTP code and sending it via an SMS message. You'll also have easy access to transaction logs in the self-service portal.