Verify Plus and Intelligence enabled for self-service accounts

Who is affected: Self-service customers (including trial accounts)
Products affected: Self-service portal, SMS Verify, Verify Plus, Intelligence
- Verify Plus enabled: All Self-service accounts can now activate the Verify Plus add-on for SMS Verify. When Verify Plus is active for an SMS Verify transaction, the send is blocked if the risk score of the phone number is too high.
- Verify Plus controls added to portal: In the Self-service portal, in your SMS Verify settings, you can now activate Verify Plus. You can choose either to enable it for all transactions or only for recipient phone numbers from specific countries.
Fixes: None
New features:
- Intelligence enabled: The Telesign Intelligence product is now available to Self-service accounts.
- Intelligence controls added to portal: A new Intelligence product page has been added to the Self-service portal; on this page you can search your Intelligence transaction history.
Additional info: None
How this may affect you:
- Decide on your blocking strategy: You can configure Verify Plus either to be active across all countries or only for a limited set of countries. You can also adjust the score threshold for blocking in the Self-service portal to be more or less strict.
- Activate Verify Plus: To take advantage of this new capability, you must turn on Verify Plus for your account in the Self-service portal. See How can I activate the Verify Plus add-on? for detailed instructions on how to activate Verify Plus.
- Adjust integration to handle Verify Plus callbacks: You can get insight into why each transaction was either blocked or allowed by Verify Plus by examining the payload of SMS Verify callbacks from Telesign when Verify Plus is active for your account. You might choose, for example, to create reporting that records how many SMS sends were blocked for each country. See SMS Verify - Screen recipients using Verify Plus for more technical details on how Verify Plus works.
- Save money: After activating Verify Plus for your account, you can avoid incurring the cost of sending SMS messages to risky phone numbers that might not belong to legitimate users. Use this add-on to mitigate the impact of bots, fake users, and fraudulent behavior.
- Add risk score evaluation to other workflows: You can adjust other parts of your system beyond SMS OTP flows to check risk scores for phone numbers (as well as other attributes) by integrating Telesign Intelligence. See Intelligence - Overview in our developer documentation to get started. You can also ingest the underlying reason codes that explain why we gave the score that we did, and use them to feed your own risk model.