Receive SMS delivery reports

This is a web service created by you, to receive notifications from Telesign. The details described here are for notifications from Telesign Engage for delivery reports for SMS requests (excluding bulk requests). You can receive notifications from multiple Telesign services at the same endpoint.

Looking for the high-level guide page to learn how to set up and use a Transaction Callback Service? Go to Transaction Callback Service. See Authenticate Callbacks to learn more about the version of authentication used for callbacks.

Status codes

Status codeAssociated text stringDescription
200Delivered to handsetThe SMS was delivered to the end user's phone. (Final)
203Delivered to gatewayThe SMS was delivered to the gateway. If the gateway responds with further information (including successful delivery to handset or delivery failure), the status is updated. (Intermediate)
207Error delivering SMS to handset (reason unknown)The SMS could not be delivered to the end user's handset for an unknown reason. (Final)
210Temporary phone errorThe SMS could not be delivered to the handset due to a temporary error with the phone. Examples - phone is turned off, not enough memory to store the message. (Final)
211Permanent phone errorThe SMS could not be delivered to the handset due to a permanent error with the phone. For example, the phone is incompatible with SMS, or illegally registered on the network. This can happen when a phone number is blacklisted, or is incorrectly provisioned. (Final)
220Gateway/network cannot route messageThe network cannot route the message to the handset. (Final)
221Message expired before deliveryThe message was queued by the mobile provider and timed out before it could be delivered tothe handset. (Final)
222SMS not supportedSMS is not supported by this phone, carrier, plan, or user.
229Message blocked by your requestThis code can happen because you requested a block or because Telesign blocked on your behalf. The block is custom, meaning it applies to you and not others.
230Message blocked by TeleSignTelesign blocks a message if it is being sent to a phone number that is on a global blocklist.
231Invalid/unsupportedThe content of the message is not supported.
233Message blocked due to high risk score.It was determined that the risk score for the destination number is higher than configured maximum risk score. For that reason Telesign did not send the SMS.
237Message blocked in requested countryYou requested that messages in a specific country be blocked, and the message was being sent to this country.
238Destination blocked by prefixYou requested that phone numbers with a particular prefix be blocked.
250Final status unknownThe final status of the SMS cannot be determined.
251Message successfully sent out for delivery, however final confirmation of delivery to handset was not received.Message successfully sent out for delivery, however final confirmation of delivery to handset was not received.
286Transaction not attemptedThe SMS is blocked from being sent due to the phone type not being one of the following - mobile, prepaid, personal, or pager.
292Queued by gatewayThe SMS gateway has queued the message.
295Status delayedThe status of the SMS is temporarily unavailable.
521Requested Sender ID is not allowed for destinationThe Sender ID included in this request cannot be used to send messages to this destination phone number. The Sender ID may either be blocklisted for this country or needs to be added to a whitelist for this country.
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