Messaging API - Callback Service

This page describes any parameters in callback notifications from the Messaging product that are different from the general callback notification schema explained on Transaction Callback Service.


The Messaging callback notification schema includes both the parameters below and those described in the general schema:

status.last_channelstringThe last channel that the service tried. This is an additional property added to the status object described in the general schema.sms
channel_statusarray (of objects)Contains an object with properties related to the status of the send for each attempted channel.
channel_status.{}.{channel_name}objectContains properties related to the status of the send on the channel specified by the property name ( {channel_name} ).
channel_status.{}.{channel_name}.codeintegerA numeric code indicating the delivery status of the send on this channel.3000
channel_status.{}.{channel_name}.descriptionstringText describing the delivery status of the send on this channel.Delivered
channel_status.{}.{channel_name}.reference_idstringA 32-digit hex value used to identify the send on this channel. The value is unique to each send and is randomly-generated by TeleSign.65C77D4A6C5C09085694EFB6C554D2BF
channel_status.{}.{channel_name}.updated_onstringAn RFC 3339 timestamp indicating when the delivery status was last updated.2020-05-04 22:07:01:226
external_idstring or nullThe customer-generated ID for this transaction that was provided in the request. If the external_id parameter was not included in the request, the value here is null.7c8832a1-ab0c-4f12-89f3-0bfbfb7f9645


POST /callback_endpoint HTTP/1.1
  "reference_id": "35C8B5D509BC10689196FED2AD551B8A",
  "external_id": null,
  "status": {
    "code": 3000,
    "description": "Delivered",
    "last_channel": "sms",
    "updated_on": "2020-05-04 22:07:01:226"
  "channel_status": [
    {"rcs": {
      "code": 3056,
      "description": "Message failed to deliver in specified fallback time",
      "reference_id": "65C77D4A6C5C09085694EFB6C554D2BF",
      "updated_on": "2020-05-04 22:05:00.325"
    {"sms": {
      "code": 3000,
      "description": "Delivered",
      "reference_id": "65C77D4A6C5C09085694EFB6C558B4C7",
      "updated_on": "2020-05-04 22:07:01:226"

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