To enable SMPP for your account, contact a Telesign expert.

This page provides the technical details needed to develop Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) clients using Telesign SMS.

If you haven’t already, first review SMPP protocol to learn our general SMPP requirements before reading this page.

Additional TLVs supported

These TLVs are supported only when using SMPP to make requests to Telesign SMS.

message_type (required)

The purpose for which your outbound message is being sent. Always required when hitting Telesign SMS.

Expected values are:

  • OTP (for a one-time password)
  • MKT (for a marketing message)
  • ARN (for an alert, reminder, or notification)

If this field is missing or has an unexpected value, the message is rejected with a 0x000000C3 (Expected TLV missing) or a 0x000000C4 (Invalid TLV Value) error code.

FieldSize (octets)TypeDescription
Parameter Tag2Integer0x1414
Length2IntegerLength of Value field in octets
Value3C-Octet StringMKT, ARN, or OTP


Use this to indicate what phase of the account lifecycle the end user is in when you send a transaction.

FieldOctets SizeTypeDescription
Parameter Tag2Integer0x1416
Length2IntegerLength of Value field in octets
Value6 to 8C-Octet Stringcreate, sign-in, transact, update, delete