Messaging - Set up email for your account



To add this product to your account, contact a Telesign expert. This product is available for full-service accounts only.


Telesign Messaging as an omnichannel engagement product includes email as one of its available channels. You can use email to create reliable communications flows with your end users using the channels they are most comfortable with and which they use daily.

Follow the steps below to collect the information that Customer Support Team will need to configure your Telesign account so you can send email messages to your customers.

1. Identify your technical point of contact

Choose one person in your organization to be Telesign’s technical point of contact for this integration. You'll need to provide an email address for that contact person to our Customer Support Team.

2. Gather identification details needed for emails

Gather the following items so that you can send them to our Customer Support Team to set up your account for emails.

  • Name: The name you want to use to refer to your account for email (also known as your Brand in email set up). For example, Vero-Finto email account.
  • Domain Sender: The domain to be used as the email sender, typically the hostname of your company's email address. For example,
  • From Email Name: The name that you want in the email header, typically this is your company's name or a sub-group in your company. For example, Vero-Finto contact.
  • From Email Address: Your company's email address that you want to use to send emails to end users. For example, [email protected].
  • Unsubscribe link: An unsubscribe link is required for all email campaigns. This is a link that typically which takes the end user to a page you have set up where they can remove themselves from your mailing list using their email address as a form of verification.
  • An unsubscribe message: This the text for the unsubscribe link. You'll want to chose one that has clear and easy to understand language like "Unsubscribe" or "Opt-out." Avoid using "click here" as your email will be interpreted as spam.
  • Company or brand logo (optional): Your company or brand logo can placed at the top of the unsubscribe and from pages. We'll need a publicly accessible URL (hosted by you) that has an image of your logo.
  • A link to your company website (optional): Your company or brand website URL can be shown on unsubscribe and from pages. A complete link is recommended rather than a shortened link.

3. Contact customer support

Once you have the above items ready, contact our Customer Support Team. They will work with you directly to fulfill the remaining setup steps.