SMS - Overview

Telesign SMS allows you to send timely, personalized messages through SMS, directly from websites or mobile applications. SMS is part of the Telesign Engage API.

Common use cases

  • Send a personalized SMS alert to a user's phone number.
  • Send a timely reminder to a user's phone number.
  • Send a personalized notification to a user's phone number.

Examples of these use cases include:

  • Weather or news updates
  • Package delivery updates
  • Appointment or event reminders
  • Account status change notifications such as password changes
  • Special offers or promotional announcements



If you want to send OTP messages, Telesign recommends using Telesign SMS Verify API, which is specifically designed for that use case.

For more information about how to send your first Telesign SMS request, see SMS - Get started.

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