Voice - Receive Events with webhooks



To add this product to your account, contact a Telesign expert. This product is available for full-service accounts only.

This page explains how to set up and control a notification service, to receive events from Telesign at one or more webhook endpoints. This is a required step in integrating with Telesign Voice.


This service must:

  • Have a valid DNS name (can't just be an IP address)
  • Require the HTTPS protocol
  • Require a certificate signed by a valid certificate authority
  • (OPTIONAL) Use Digest authentication.


Authentication to validate the requests coming in to your server from Telesign is not required. We do recommend however that you use Digest authentication to prevent malicious parties from contacting your server.

Send endpoint URL to Telesign

Once you have set up this service, send the endpoint URL to our Customer Support Team. If you plan to use multiple webhook endpoints, send us the one you want to serve as the default. You can pass an alternate webhook endpoint in any of your requests to Voice, overriding the default for the duration of that phone call.

After one business day, we will begin sending events to this URL.



Double-check that the customer event URL is accurate when you send it to Telesign! If you provide us the wrong URL, we will not be able to send you any events.