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To add this product to your account, contact a Telesign expert. This product is available for full-service accounts only.

Use Telesign Voice to build application-to-person, person-to-application, and person-to-person voice calling into web and mobile applications.

This service uses advanced phone number cleansing, which improves deliverability by more than 10% in most markets.

Telesign also performs automated traffic monitoring to identify red flags and suspicious patterns, which helps protect businesses from International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) attacks.

Common use cases

  • Programmatic calling. - Make, receive, and control calls programmatically.
  • Verification - Deliver secure, voice-based, one-time passcodes (OTPs).
  • Connect two parties - Design person-to-person calling experiences, providing a two-way voice communications channel directly from your application.
  • Call with number masking - Use phone number masking to connect two parties without disclosing user identities, to maintain privacy and keep transactions “on-platform.”
  • Play audio - Play your own audio files during an active phone call for voice greetings, call scripts, notifications, branding messages, and more.
  • Collect digits - Collect user-entered DTMF digits during a phone call. Callers can use this to answer prompts and immediately request returns.
  • Automatic speech recognition - Caller’s speech gets transcribed into text and returned to you for further action.
  • Send text-to-speech (TTS) messages - Convert text into a voice-message. Provide a localized customer experience with TTS available in 26 languages and dialects (more than any competitive offering).
  • Build interactive voice response (IVR) flows - Build easy-to-manage IVR flows with DTMF key prompts to send callers through pre-selected call flows. Reduce support costs, call transfers, and agent handling times by approximately 60-80%.
  • Survey callers - Automatically send surveys after calls to collect feedback from customers or clients.
  • Record calls - Create and retrieve recordings of your calls.
  • Transcribe call recordings - Create call recording transcriptions; these can then be used for sentiment analysis or other optimizations.



Use only codecs and standards for audio files supported by Telesign Voice. See Voice - Supported standards and codecs for more details.

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