Voice API - Survey After Call

With TeleSign's Voice API, you can set up a survey after a call. A common way of doing a survey after a call is to play a message asking a customer if they would mind staying on the line after they finish speaking with an agent. If the customer agrees, at the end of speaking with an agent, they are cold transferred to a survey asking questions.



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To implement a customer survey with TeleSign's Voice API, you must have the following:

  • TeleSign credentials: Your Customer ID and API key
  • TeleSign phone number: A phone number you have purchased from TeleSign to use as a caller ID. Purchase a number using the TeleSign Phone Numbers API (see Get Started with the Phone Numbers API) or ask our Customer Support Team to purchase a number for you. Refer to Get Started with the Phone Numbers API for more details.
  • Customer event URL: A notification service you have set up for TeleSign to post event information to. For more details, refer to the Set up the Customer Event URL section on the Voice API Reference page.
  • Cold Transfer Capability: See Perform a Cold Transfer. You must set this up before setting up customer surveys.

Be sure also to only use supported standards and codecs (see Supported Standards and Codecs).



TeleSign calls have a maximum call duration of four hours. You can also set a shorter maximum for an individual call.

Implement a Survey

Imagine that agent C from the credit card company in a cold transfer scenario asks the caller to stay on the line for a survey, and the caller agrees. The agent hangs up. TeleSign posts a call_leg_completed event to the credit card company's server using the customer event URL provided by the company. The server responds by requesting the play action using the collect_digits option. You can repeat this cycle until you have asked all your questions and collected information.

Refer to the Stream Audio and Collect Digits page for details about the play feature and how to set up to collect digits.

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