SMS API - Callback Service

This page describes any parameters in callback notifications from the SMS product that are different from the general callback notification schema explained on Transaction Callback Service.


The SMS callback notification schema includes both the parameters below and those described in the general schema:



The sub-properties of additional_info are only included if the optional features they refer to are enabled for your account by TeleSign. If no optional features are enabled, the package does not appear.

statusobjectContains properties related to the status of this transaction.
status.updated_onstringThis is a timestamp showing when your transaction status was updated last.
status.codestringThis code describes the status of your transaction. You can use this code to programmatically respond. You are returned two types of codes, either status codes or error codes.
status.descriptionstringA text description of the status code.
additional_infoobjectAn optional package containing properties with further details about the messaging transaction.
additional_info.mccstringMobile Country Code (MCC) of the destination number. Returned if you request this feature from our Customer Support Team.
additional_info.mncstringMobile Network Code (MNC) of the destination number. Returned if you request this feature from our Customer Support Team.
additional_info.pricestringThe price of the message you are sending.
additional_info.currencystringThe currency with which the price is provided.
additional_info.message_parts_countintegerThe total number of split parts for the longer message. If the message is not split, this value is 1.2
additional_info.message_parts_reference_idsstringThe reference IDs for each part of the longer message, separated by commas.35E63E88CB000E049196AD1CFCFFB89C,35E63E88CC7C050491613443467F3F12
reference_idstringThe reference ID for the transaction you want to find out the status for.
external_idstringThe customer-generated ID for this transaction that was provided in the original request. If the external_id parameter was not included in the request, the value here is null.

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